The CSW Online application is a tool to manage groups and police interactions related to Speedwatch. Often questions arise about what is required from volunteers, how to setup a group, how to change email address, etc. Most frequently asked questions and answers are listed below.

More answers are available from the Help section once logged in to your account.
 Are CSW groups protected by the Police?  
 Do we need to buy our own equipment?  
 Do we need to wear uniforms?  
 Does equipment need calibration on a regular basis?  
 How are groups trained, and by whom?  
 How are the Police involved?  
 How do I find a group in my area?  
 How do I register a BASIC group?  
 How do I register a NEW group?  
 How do I resign from Speedwatch  
 How do we find suitable sites?  
 How to change my email address and other details  
 Is it dangerous to be part of CSW?  
 Lost my Password  
 We want to buy our own equipment, where and how much?  
 What are the criteria for new group approval?  
 What is a BASIC group?  
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