As a national organisation, we work towards unifying all Speedwatch schemes under one banner. The purpose is to guarantee that all police forces, groups, and volunteers follow the same rules, standards, procedures, methodologies, and outcomes.

The national organisation does not run the individual schemes. Groups and volunteers are still contributing their proactive involvement under discreet but efficient supervision by the local police. They will also continue to enjoy support from various sources from within the police, being it neighbourhood officers, the roads policing unit (RPU), special constables, or the road safety partnership team, etc.

However, by unifying the communities' educational efforts, their work will not only be perceived as being part of a joined-up organisation, but also send the message to especially repeat offenders that the national organisation produces collated dataset about those less than ten percent of drivers, who blatantly ignore the communities' concern and other road users' safety.

If the offending does not stop, the repeat offenders leave a trail of evidence behind that makes them much easier to target for enforcement. And focused enforcement is far more effective than time limited, random speed campaigns or on-the-spot checks.
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