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During the last year you have received a notice from the Police with details of an offence committed by a vehicle registered to you that you wish to dispute.

Your objection will be checked against the audit trail of all details pertaining to this CSW record. The decision to take your complaint further depends on the extent of this audit trail and the relevant Police force's level of tolerance.

To file an objection: Please enter your details in the form below. ALL fields are mandatory.

* Date and Time

Please enter the date and time of the offence as recorded on your letter.
(the date/time should be in DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM format).
* Vehicle Registration Number
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By submitting this report, you agree that your personal data is held on record and shared with relevant police personnel in accordance with general data protection rules (GDPR).
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  I agree to the above GDPR statement.

Please note the 'Submit' button will only be active(green) when all mandatory fields are completed.


Making a false statement to the Police is a Criminal Offence.
To avoid any misuse of the complaints process, the IP address of the computer you are currently using will be logged into the CSW Online system. This procedure safeguards CSW Online and you against any unintentional correspondence between parties not agreeing to this process.

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