Our Vision

Our aim is to provide tools; software and organisation that help Community Speedwatch groups and the Police with an efficient and effective way of tackling excessive speeds and a way for them to become closer throughout the country. We want to help changing driver behaviour through smarter education and better management.

Our Mission

CSW Online is a not-for-profit social enterprise developing bespoke software and organisational strategies to maximise volunteers’ efforts in cooperation with the Police to improve casualty reduction, make our shared roads safer, and improve quality of life for everyone affected by speeding or inappropriate speed in their community.

We are aiding in the creation of a national organisation of Speedwatch schemes to enable a truly joined-up approach to speed reduction. Hence through collaborative efforts to share best practises, collated data, and pursuit of uniformity of standards, methodologies, responses, and outputs to create a trustworthy and effective organisation.

Our Values

Through optimised educational means, we are committed to reducing death and life changing injuries on the roads where Speedwatch can operate. This is our priority and underpins all our work. We are passionate about this task. We will work with all others who share that passion.

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    2017 - Home Office's Lord Ferrers Technical Award
    2018 - European Commission’s Road Safety Award

Serviced Police forces:

    • Devon & Cornwall Police
    • Kent Police
    • Surrey Police
    • Sussex Police
    • Thames Valley Police

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