With the ability to collect and collate data relevant to the vehicles observed offending, and, in combination with numerous other publicly available data, we can build a much better understanding of the drivers and their situation at the point of offending.

This methodology enables us to influence and potentially change the drivers' behaviour by personalising the content in the letters sent to them in response to their offence.

Explaining the reasons why speeding is dangerous can be done far more effective than the method of heaping fatality statistics onto drivers who were not familiar with the area where they were driving; were trying to get their children to school(s) in time, or delivering the last few of many parcels within an often too tight schedule, etc.

Thinking differently about how to reduce - and ultimately eliminate the unacceptable, lingering high number of road casualties is as essential as making the areas adjacent to busy roads tolerable to live in.

All our roads need to feel safe for everyone to use. We have developed individualised education to achieve just that by relating the specific offence type, place, circumstance, and assumed purpose of journey to known, real-life-crashes involving drivers in identical situations. That brings the message home to those who care about their families, loved ones, and future life.

Almost a third of drivers do not believe they will be caught if they break the speed limits. This tells us that a significant number of people think wrongly about their shared responsibility as road users. It is not what they can get away with but what can happen if they drive carelessly that should be at the forefront of their mind.

Punishment and fear have never been good educational tools. There is no reason to believe that they will be in the future, either. Education has always been the means to progress interest in the common good. There is no reasons to doubt that this principle should will fail in road safety.
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