Speedwatch has been in place for several years, however, management of the scheme, collection and processing of data and identification of risk drivers who are then targeted for enforcement has traditionally been paper based, taken a great deal of police officer and staff time and effort, and has not always been effective.

Reduction in police resources to coordinate Speedwatch volunteers and antiquated systems led to many volunteers becoming disillusioned, officers becoming overwhelmed and schemes disbanding. This led to the possibility of decreased public confidence amongst active citizens in communities who were willing to support the police but felt the police were not interested in them. Community Speedwatch was crying out for modernisation, effective technology, and coordination.

The national organisation works to establish common platform where everyone works to the same rules, standards, follows the same procedures, and produces outcomes in identical, compatible formats. The unified national framework collates and shares offence data from across the UK. However, it does not substitute the vital role of support and supervision that the individual police forces play in the partnerships with the groups operating in their local policing area.

Addressing the problem of speeding effectively is a team effort. Speedwatch works together across boundaries with local and national authorities to reinforce the message that speeding is a criminal offence, dangerous, antisocial, and unacceptable. Local policing authorities play a vital role in this partnership. Without it, Community Speedwatch cannot work

The tool-set used to engage law-abiding citizens make a difference

CSW Online and Community Speedwatch UK provide a gateway to the national partnership designed to make consistent volunteering efforts worthwhile on a grand scale. A coordinated, uniform, and joined-up effort will primarily have a much greater impact on de-normalising speeding, and secondly focus the police efforts on pursuing the minority of drivers who ignores the educational attempts.

Although automation of Speedwatch activity from roadside-to-letterbox will maximise the elimination of human errors caused by incorrect observation and misinterpreted information, it is NOT a service to replace the highly visible community volunteers.

People standing at the roadside are the heart and soul of the scheme. Being seen by drivers speeding past the teams at the roadside is the element that sends the message across that antisocial behaviour and dangerous driving have a severe negative impact on other people's lives and wellbeing.
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